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At myLoc managed IT AG we place high priority on the physical security of the entire data centre grounds. Our data centres are protected by a multi-tiered security system.

It starts with the full fencing off of the grounds with barbed wire and ends with racks and cages that are safeguarded by their own individual number code. Only authorised customers are granted access to the data centres, and only after being subject to access controls. The only conceivable way for unauthorised persons to gain access would be if they were cleared by authorised customers.

All important areas of the data centre are equipped with camera surveillance systems fitted with corresponding archiving systems for the recordings. Moreover, all buildings are protected by intrusion alarm systems; alarm signals are sent on to 2 independent security firms, both internal as well as external, via dedicated alarm lines.

24/7 video surveillance system

Our video cameras monitor the data centres and the entire grounds around the clock. This way we can always detect if people are present on the grounds or in the data centre.

No outward indications

In order to guarantee the security of the data centre's location and to avoid providing unauthorised persons with an indication of the nature of the building, there are no outward indications that it is a data centre.

24/7 security guards

The entire building is guarded constantly by our own personnel and also by an external security guard service. These receive constant notification via the security system.

Logged access

Since the access system employs a card reader, every time a person accesses the data centre it is logged. Whether or not anybody is present in the data centre can be verified in writing this way.

Cages and racks with number code

The cages and racks of the data centre are additionally equipped with combination locks. This means that your racks are also safe against tampering by persons who are authorised to be in the data centre.

Tiered access authorisation

Access authorisations for our data centres can be adapted to suit your needs. This way you can specify the group of people that is allowed access to your rack.