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In three data centres at its Düsseldorf location myLoc managed IT AG has an area of more than 2,500 m² data centre space in operation for a wide variety of applications accordingly and draws upon a fully independent infrastructure supply system for it. Another 1,000 m² of space is available that can be developed as needed.

To supply electricity and air conditioning from a local source, myLoc managed IT AG has its own combined heat and power plant in the data centre. On top of that, with their UPS and emergency power supply systems, they have additional backup in the event of a power failure. myLoc's data centres guarantee 99.95% availability of electricity in the annual average.

Due to the fact that myLoc managed IT AG's three data centres are situated at a location in Düsseldorf, it is possible to offer highly professional colocation products in NRW as well as individualised IT infrastructures distributed across different data centres (2-site strategy). By utilising existing dark fibre cables, switching connections between the data centres works quickly and complication-free. This way it is possible to realise low-cost redundancy concepts by utilising completely separate data centres, without having to resort to completely different locations and carrier connections.

Moreover, myLoc possesses the world's largest Lampertz security cell, which provides optimum protection against external tampering for sensitive systems that handle data with high protection requirements from major clients, such as banks and insurance companies. Clusters and blade systems that have high energy and cooling requirements can be operated with no difficulties whatsoever in the excellently structured facilities of our data centres in Düsseldorf.

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