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Reliable cooling of the IT systems is provided by redundant air conditioning systems in the data centre. In order to keep the temperature constant at 19 to 24 degrees and ensure controlled humidity we use redundant air conditioning cabinets, which make this possible for IT, through their compliance with ASHRAE standards.

Durch den Einsatz von freier Kühlung und Kalt/Warmgang-Trennung arbeitet die Klimatechnik hocheffizient und umweltschonend. Mithilfe des Gebäudeleitsystems und getrennter Monitoring-Systeme wird die gesamte Klimatisierung rund um die Uhr direkt im Data Center überwacht.

Cooling in the data centre

The rooms of the data centres can be cooled efficiently thanks to our cooling systems. The air conditioning systems provide up to 2 CW per m ² in the data centre.

Redundant air conditioning

The climate cabinets and recooling investments are redundantly associated with data centres, so that a 24/7 supply can be guaranteed.

Environmentally friendly cooling

Through the separation in the cold/warm gear system and the use of free cooling myLoc opts for environmentally friendly measures for cooling in its data centres.

24/7 monitoring of air-conditioning

The air conditioning units as well as the pipe lines are monitored around the clock to be better able to confront potential problems.